Password Protected

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Check the caps lock better check it twice
It’s case sensitive please be advised
Wipe out the history delete the cache
Fill that recycle bin then empty the trash

Well I’m password protected everywhere that I go
Gotta’ dial a dozen digits just to answer my phone
So extreme is the protection to keep all my data safe
If I ever lose the password my whole life might be erased

How can a person keep up today
With our security against foul play
It’s so confusing that it’s a crime
So many passwords so little time

So I’m password protected every morning noon and night
Can’t get in my apartment if the combo isn’t right
Need my fingerprint & blood type my mothers maiden name
Are the secret codes to help me or to make me go insane

Did you know that I have more codes and combinations to remember
Than there are brightly colored leaves in Central Park each November
It’s an uphill battle between e-mails, g-mails, she-males, and such
And it’s only getting worse, I don’t wanna’ know how much

But I came up with a plan and let me tell you it just might
Let me ditch the alphanumeric can of worms I have to cite
First thing tomorrow I’ll go broke and hit the road with my guitar
Cuz they can’t steal what I ain’t got! Damn I should teach a seminar

Now I’m password protected in a hundred different ways
There’s a hundred magic numbers just to make it through the day
It’s a wonder I don’t crumble underneath the iron gates
Of the cyber cypher circus we can barely operate

 - February 2017 -