Paint This Whole World Blue

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 * co-written with Jeffrey Joslin

Let me introduce myself
I’m a somewhat colorful man
Some call me Blue and you can too
But what you gotta’ understand

I like to think of this world as my canvas
Carry this brush in my hand
A million shades that I could choose
But only one will do

It’s in the water it’s in the sky
It’s in the wink of a pretty girl’s eyes
It’s in the song that a broken man sings
The only way he can spread his wings

People say I got a old soul
I’m just goin’ where the wind blows
I know you’re wonderin’ what I’m here to do
I’m gonna’ paint this whole world blue

Everybody gets the blues
That’s just how it goes
And that’s why that particular hue
Is one everybody knows

That don’t mean you gotta’ stay
Drownin’ in your tears
Go on let the music in
Let it bring you to life again

 - October 2021 -                                                                                                                       #510