Over Before It Began

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Some evenings I can’t go to sleep as tired as I am 
When close my eyes and drift, relax and release 
I need antacids and kisses, lullabies and lilacs 
Home once shadowed every footstep I took, now home is her hand 

It was over before it began 

There’s a girl down in Texas whose eyes pierce and words fumble 
It’s the cutest combination until I picture her passion 
Deadly potent sexy as hell, snapshot of this unlikely angel 
Tempting straight through a teardrop salty and warm 

It was over before it began 

The days getting shorter her patience is thin 
The nights getting longer the world closing in 
The moonlight is laughing it’s harder to smile 
Today’s almost over just a little while 

We need something stronger to open our eyes 
We need something smarter make us feel wise 
I want you to feel like there’s hope for you yet 
You deserve something better and I wish you’d let 

Let me be your drug

 - November 2005 -                                                                 #048