Other Me

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Other me is concerned that he won’t have time to learn
The way to turn a frown into a smile
Among his other thoughts he knows love cannot be bought
But perhaps it can be borrowed for awhile

Other me is out the door even when he’s not too sure
That his goals will ever turn into his gains
He will pedal oh so fast ‘til his dreams outrun his past
And his longing finds a way to break the chains

But other me ain’t real
So I better take the wheel

Other me will love you like the open sky above you
Until the stars all flicker and go dark
And just when you’re afraid that the night will never fade
Suddenly he’ll catch you with a spark

Other me is crazy about you in every way
With a rapture almost too good to be true
You can be your deepest self leave your burden on the shelf
He will carry all your dreams to timbuktu

But other me ain’t true
It’s only me and you

Other me has been known to use the telephone
To talk about the many things he feels
A couple pretty words anybody would prefer
So pay no mind to what he may conceal

Other me is a face that I keep in my suitcase
Just in case the moment should arise
In looking for the truth when we got no more excuse
And it’s tough to tease the beauty from the lies

But other me ain’t here
He ain’t nowhere near

 - May 2017 -