Opposite Day

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The garbage man was kind enough to take
Aboard his diesel chugging steed
My best regrets to someplace I will never find
Buried deep, satisfaction guaranteed

If I were reading from a brilliant movie script
There is no way I’d ever make the cut
Our leading man must know exactly where he stands
No hesitation in his gut

Everyone from here to Bowling Green
Can feel the pressure coming down
But we all know it’s Opposite Day
And I sure don’t miss you now

From time to time I replay a scene or two
It’s black and white, and pretty faint
A word I wish I’d said, and many I wish I had not
These little cracks pervade the paint

Before and after I could taste you bittersweet
For nothing else could I have asked
My forward steps are slow, my building blocks are small
Westbound I will be free at last

Just because the sun came up
That don’t change my grand design
It’s a brisk and brittle Opposite Day
And you’re not on my mind

We can dance around the feelings
But it don’t erase the facts
Now the lights are low on Opposite Day
And I don’t want you back

Never mind the heavy silence
Ignore the reasons and the rhyme
I miss you least of all on Opposite Day
Well I guess that’s all the time

 - January 2016 -