Ooga Looga Wyma Ryma

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Aina’ nuthin’ like a girl makes you drop yer vowels
On the kitchen floor
She be cookin’ up some dumplin’s I be trippin’ balls
Comin’ back fer more

An’ I’m tryin’ to tell her sumthin’ ‘bout you look so nice
‘Xcept I sound like a fool
Words ‘er flippin’ sidewers comin’ out my mouf
In between the drool

Ooga looga wyma ryma baby what’s your name
Chuga luga hunka lunka baby say it again
Youda cute-a meesa please-a winkie dinkie derpee doo
Banana fana fonanna fe fi fum teach me how to talk to you

Took sum clarses back in carlege wit’ sum langejjes
A little French and some Mex
F’Ida’ know’d then I’d a showed maybe I cudda’ lerned
Mora’ what to expex

Talkin’ gibbrish ain’t so purdy I regrets it now
Yeah I gotta’ admit
I dang messed it up I never got my educacione
And I sound like … not good!

 - October 2020 -                                                                             #401