One Of A Kind

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You’re one of a kind for better or worse
You speak a whole new language that I have never heard
Your questions are the stones that I’m skipping on the surface
You’ve been singing softly and finally I heard it

You’re one of a kind a prism in the sun
You can hold my world between your finger and your thumb
Your laughter makes the sun shine when nothing else can do it
You’ve always been beside me I just never knew it

And I’m about to meet you

You’re one of a kind I got to admit
You threw me like a boomerang and I came back so quick
Your footsteps are the beat of my new favorite song
You’ve got everything I need and everything I want

You’re one of a kind the rain against the roof
You took my breath away and left me with the truth
Your memories are vines around the bricks that I’ve been laying
You’ve been climbing up a little higher every day

And I’m about to kiss you

You’re one of a kind nothing like the others
Sweet as cotton candy in twice as many colors
A shining string of pearls that landed in the gutter
Just waiting for the loving hand of another lover

And I’m about to lose you

You’re one of a kind a diamond in the rough
You shook me like an earthquake and left me in the dust
Your words are like the glimmer of a star that a disappeared
You’ve been gone for centuries but I’m still standing here

You’re one of a kind the icing on the cake
You broke my brittle heart to pieces it was great
Your promises are buried underneath the flower bed
You’ve been pushing daisies but I will not forget

And I still think about you

 - April 2019 -                                                                                           #273