Okay, Liza

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I wish I was that cigarette pressed between your crimson lips 
Make you want to light me up and suck me down 
I wish I was those leather boots in between your dancing feet 
And the mud in which you move, you love to groove 

Okay, Liza come run with me anytime you’re feeling free 
Okay Liza I need a hand, please don’t try to understand 

I wish I was that denim, darling stretched across your best respects
Crafted by the finest fingers overseas
I wish I was that flask of whiskey in your pocket quite discreet 
Dull your senses, stain your breath my favorite shade 

Okay, Liza I’ll ride with you anywhere you want me to 
Okay Liza, I need a drink so I don’t start to stop and think

 - March 2006 -                                                                             #050