Now Hiring (Inquire Within)

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Looking through the listings
Of a twenty five cent paper
In a pretty town a long way from home

The fishing boats are cheap
As are the carpeted apartments
And the singles who don’t want to die alone

I been searching since the get go
Maybe now it’s time to let go
Of the make believe world that’s all my own

So when I saw the want ad
I thought that’s not so bad
And decided to pick up the phone

Now hiring someone just like you
Responsibilities include all the things you do
Opportunity of a lifetime to use
Stuff you learned everywhere you’ve been
You’re really perfect for the part
Inquire within

So I called up to the top floor
Where my agent works to chat some more
About my chances to audition for the skit

I said they might like what I’m doin’
And it sounds like I’m a shoe-in
How come you never send me out for gigs like this

Well he put down his sudoku
Asked me “guess how well I know you?”
Turns out not only did they pick me for the play

From the posting I deduced that
He executive produced it
After writing it on the day that I was made

Don’t worry about the salary
The benefits or perks
You match the job description
So come on in and get to work

Of the many who were called
There’s only one who fits the bill
No sense in unemployment
If there’s a roll you’re born to fill

 - September 2016 -