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 * co-written with Erin Wolf, Danielle Banks, Nik Newark, Fiona Hannon, Ella & Duncan MacGregor, Tamora Wilson, Julia Tindall Bloom, James Milani, Laurie & David Easterling, Deborah Kelly, Isabella Malmqvist, and Niki Shepherd * 

There’s a dry desert breeze in the air here tonight
But we’re only halfway thru November
And this year has been so hard and such a long fight
O lets finish the year well together

And remember the days that were lonely and long
When we stayed in for what seemed forever
But we got to hang out here and write and few songs
Yes I think we are all pretty clever

As springs singing out with its bloom and its grow
The music still reaches wherever
From north, east, south, or westward we go
All of these changes, we weather

What lies ahead, we haven’t a clue
But even for worse or for better
I’ll make it through right here next to you
O let’s make it a time to remember

There’s a bite in the air in the north of the earth
With its darkened nights and cold weather
But there’s warmth in connection, and we feel our worth
With our words that bind us together

We’ll remember these songs and where they came from
In a world upside down in a jumble
As we start to heal, I know we’ll become
Grateful for friends and more humble

In the air there’s a chill that could reach to your bones
If the sun wasn’t shining above you
When it’s all you can do just to find your way home
Remember there’s someone who loves you

So the compass keeps turning the home fires burn
And the hands on the clock lead us onward
Through a season of change like the trees in the rain
When the storm makes our hearts even stronger

Rode down to the city and there on the street
The drummer plays on in his sweater
He sets up the beat, and then our eyes meet
But there’s no address to send him a letter

If only he knew of the people I do
They’d invite him inside home for dinner
Then we’d share all the songs
He’d be drumming along
Through the night we would stay there and linger

There’s nothing like music to soothe the soul
And everyone loves to be known
So when the times are taking their toll
Our songs feel like coming back home

Lyrics and melodies rise and fall
Harmonies reach high and low
Each voice like a memory sweet to recall
Oh my friends, onward we go

When the nights are long and the days grow short
We know it won’t last forever
We’ve made it this far we can do it again
 I’ll be by your side whatever

Even though we’ve been through so many hard times
At least we’ve been through them together
So let’s close out the year with some goodwill and cheer
The sunlight still breaks through whatever

There’s an echo tonight, of what might have been,
As the stars light the sky with such splendour
But no matter the time, or the distance between,
We all lie beneath the same heaven

Oh whatever the road, or the path we might take,
 As we all are just seeking some shelter
Just batten it down, and let the storm ride,
Cos baby this won’t last forever

May sorrows turn to joy this day
As change comes
Dancing along
Warming our hearts by our fireplace
With every song that we play

We gathered around our virtual space
With time marching on, we grew
A smile as we greeted each face
Of those both founding and new

We march arm in arm, stand up for them all
And we’ll live to remember December
Like the lion and the lamb, answer the call
Find a way to make peace together

Cause we’re not meant to walk out this life on our own
Not to hide in the darkness or sorrow
When we join in a song and our friends sing along
We find hope and new strength for tomorrow

Could’ve locked all our doors and hide deep inside
Tucked away until all this was over
 But we reached out instead with arms open wide
And drew the world in a lot closer

When December comes along we celebrate with song
And dance through the best days of winter
We know we belong and our love will grow strong
Through the year and back ‘round to November

Breaking the day northern hemisphere sun
We’re staying in under cover
While there’s frost on my breath and air in my lungs
We’re gonna’ sing to each other

And just as the world was beginning to end
With the days getting darker forever
We picked up guitars to sing with our friends
A song and we’ll sing it together
We go oh….

 - December 2020 -                                                                                                         #441