Nothing On Earth

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Hey baby hold out your hand
I been picking blackberries all afternoon
Maybe it’s time that we jam
So gimme’ five and I’ll give you a spoon

Without the sun and the rain and the soil
Sunflowers can’t make their sunflower oil
And just like flowers we need nourishing too
I went looking for the best and that led me to you

You’re better than baseball on the 4th of July
Cooler than iced cream and hotter than apple pie
A million and one things I still wanna’ try
But nothing on earth could ever beat this high

Just like a laser arcade
With your initials at the top of the screen
Your heart is like a grenade
Launched off a Cliff if you know what I mean

Here come the fireworks and the pink confetti rain
Funny I can feel it but I still can’t explain
Where you got the spark for my gunpowder heart
If I ask you real nice will you blow it all apart

In another life when our bodies had wings
You and I were plovers on the first day of spring
Everybody knows when the pendulum swings
Some of us are silent while others start to sing

 - June 2016 -