Not Every Song

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Sunday came too early I couldn’t stick around
So I hitched a ride to Tulsa in the rain
Thoughts of you came with me from town to little town
Flickering like the dyin’ of a flame

Monday I was empty lost without a trace
Me and Johnny Walker spent the night
Tuesday into Thursday I prayed out loud for grace
Friday something told me deep inside

Not every story can be John and Yoko
Not every song is Strawberry Fields
That don’t mean that your heart ain’t open
Full of hope and ready to heal

Saturday came slowly a shimmer and a shine
Soaked the picture window in my head
Truly there’s no mystery as beautiful as time
Fragile with a fire I can’t forget

Not every ending is June and Johnny
Not every song can be Long Black Veil
That don’t mean you can’t love somebody
Like an ocean tide and wind in the sails

Not every memory is Cher and Sony
Not every song can be I Got You
That don’t mean no one else gets lucky
Down on 16th Avenue

 - November 2020 -                                                                                                                       #416