No Middle Name

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Charlie used to work the thresher seven days a week
Work boots ripped denim and a flannel shirt
No one ever did it better in the summer heat
Gettin’ pure gold from the soil ‘til his fingers hurt

He may have been a little bit simple
But damn that ain’t no crime
The heart, well it sure is fickle sometimes

Out in all kinds of weather seven bucks a day
Saving every greenback dollar a coffee can
By now he would have been retired real far away
Didn’t even see it coming just like quicksand

Take it from a man who knows you’re never too far from danger
Remember these words and you need not be afraid
Never cross a friend for money and don’t fall for a stranger
With deep dark eyes, a voice like an angel and no middle name

Well she was eighteen and reckless had a heart of stone
Aftertaste like his moonshine sour mash
Called out the very devil buried in his bones
Played him like a puppet and burned up all his cash

Just how much she took
The numbers ain’t the point
It ain’t right she’s the crook and he’s in the joint

 - March 2017 -