Nice To Meet You I’m An Ant

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Nice to meet you I’m an ant
You wouldn’t guess it but I can
Bench press things that weigh way more than me
I even dead lift wanna’ see

There was this singer his name was Frank
There was this song that he sang
He said I lifted a rubber tree
That’s only half the truth take it from me

What really happened what I really did
And yes I’m bragging here I’ll admit
I found a palette of rubber trees
With a sign that said F.R.E.E. free

I picked the whole thing up put it on my back
Ran down the sidewalk jumped all the cracks
I woulda’ made it to my place too
Except I crashed into someone’s shoe

Now I won’t tell you whose shoe it was
But you can probably guess because
His voice was golden his eyes were blue
And he got rich off me that seem fair to you

 - October 2021 -                                                                                                                       #519