My Dad Is A Bad Ass

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He’s up before the farmers and by sunset he’s in bed 
He drives a diesel hatchback and his vote is always red 
He writes in Hebrew, French, and Greek, and Latin, pig or not 
My dad is a bad ass

He smoked for thirty years and quit cold turkey like a boss 
He eats raw onions every day and don’t forget to floss 
He saves more souls than I corrupt and walks faster than I drive 
My dad is a bad ass

In his 30s college basketball was the perfect night at home 
With a six pack of Milwaukee’s Best and a couple cheese Tombstones 
Now he’s all about talk radio and brussels sprouts and tea 
My dad is a bad ass

He owns more shoes than Hepburn had, and his jokes are dry as dust 
He’s a black belt on piano and he’ll always have my trust 
He rescues kittens, won’t wear mittens, collects old copper coins 
My dad is a bad ass

 - October 2012 -                                                                    #072