Motor City

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They call it motor city but plants have all shut down
Big old emtpy red brick mausoleums
Casualties of cash in cardboard boxes on the ground
An empire we saw smashed to smithereens

They took away our paychecks and our homes were reposessed
But they can’t shake my faith or take my pride
So I’m still primin’ engines ‘cuz it’s all that I got left
And I pray that I won’t quit until I die

I just keep replacin’ wires changin’ oil and patchin’ tires
And puttin’ all my trust into the Lord
Because I’ve seen heaven’s gate in all my dreams and I can’t wait
To ask St. Peter where to park my Ford

They’re sellin’ motor city run down shacks and fixer uppers
Pennies on the buck no question asked
Meanwhile I’ll be fixin’ F-150s in the gutter
Long as I got the grace and diesel gas

 - October 2019 -                                                                                                              #299