More Than You Can Chew

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Look out teeth look out gums
Something wicked this way comes
My pride is medium medium rare
Still pink enough I should be scared

So many things that I could choose
For all my hungry teeth to chew
What was the last thing on my mind
Looks like it’s cooked up fresh tonight

How many fears must I ingest
With my compliments to the chef
And how much ego’s on my plate
More than steak and baked potates

So when can I stop eating crow
Seems like nobody knows
And how much pride must I bite into
Let’s just say more than you can chew

I don’t believe in skipping meals
And low blood sugar that shit’s real
So here go all my doubts and fears
Spiced up nice and lightly seared

 - July 2022 -                                                                                                                                 #581