Midnight Sun (Take It Easy)

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I need you to take it easy, remember the way you pray 
And maybe to shine a candle instead of a pitch black tease 
The night is a bit too easy when you’re running away from right 
And maybe it’s hard to handle but get up from off your knees 

Take it easy, you gotta’ take it easy

The skyline along the freeway was changing along with you 
As hours passed so slowly the moment was all we knew 
I know you’re afraid of daylight, I’ve seen you on the run 
But imagine eternal darkness then imagine a midnight sun 

Take it easy, you gotta’ take it easy

Tuning a rusty six-string under wicked moonlight’s eyes 
Take a trip down heaven’s alleys, let the rainy night baptise 
Walking behind a shadow you ain’t what you seem 
You’re never as close to daylight as the deepest darkest dream

 - August 2004 -                                                                       #038