Meet Me Where I Am

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Somethin’ strange about these feet of mine
There’s some roads they just can’t seem to find
My eyes see where the highway should be at
But I can’t get half the places on this map

I set out early long before the dawn
Somehow the best directions steer me wrong
All that I can think to do is pray
That you would show the mercy of your name

Meet me where I am like you always do
Lead me by the hand please I’m beggin’ you
Fix this broken man fill my heart again
I need you still meet me where I am

There’s nothin’ wrong at all with best laid plans
But I know who can do the things I can’t
So when I’m stuck it’s clear as any bell
It’s time to hit my knees and ask for help

 - September 2021 -                                                                                                                 #500