Master Plan

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So it’s nine o’clock on a Tuesday, I got no tonic, got no gin
My liver ain’t the problem my heart is slowly caving in
The moon is on the Hudson, I taste the salty air
I got all the time in the world now but I can’t get my feet to go nowhere

Guess I’m sort of alone here, I thought you might be in my arms
And all the fishes surround me, then the current starts to turn
Up above the earth there’s a couple spinning satellites
If I could only reach one maybe I could talk to you tonight

Gonna’ make a map of my brainwaves to show you what you do to me
And a bowl of cream of mushroom because the kitchen’s finally clean
Just got back from a place where I think I spent a real long time
All along I wanted something, turns out that thing was undefined

How do you climb a mountain if your limbs are made of sand
I just want you to hold me as if you have some master plan
Because you’re my slice of pizza, you’re the penny made of steel
I propose to spend my next 50 years just trying to tell you how I feel

 - May 2015 -                                                                                   #091