Make Space For Magic

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Reattach the lid to the vessel
Trace the shape of a glass with your hand
White and brittle the flowers are waiting
For the kitchen to refill with air

So if you’re asking that was the moment
If it will move you beyond where you are
Pull the trigger make space for magic
Count to thirty and open your eyes

From day zero something was broken
Skin and bone sicker than sweet
All aboard the linoleum boxcar
Eager knees buckle beneath

If you’re asking that was the reason
Nothing is working and nobody cares
Cut the cord and make space for magic
Drop the rock and pick up the reins

On a window ledge there is a ball point pen
Lift it toward the light Chelsea is waiting
Scribble like children do Hollywood fantasy
Be where you are now fleeting and strange

If you’re asking that was the answer
Medication for the suffering soul
Ditch the deadweight make space for magic
Or remain here forever in stone

 - March 2017 -