Made For Joy

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Captive or free born to believe
A sweet paradox intercepts
Never complete we pay our dues
Still a supple heart is beset

Once at the shore twice on the tide
Paradise belongs in the hands
Holding out for the dawn asking only for time
With the facts and the hint of a chance

We were made for joy
Made to embrace in the fullness of time
And a grateful poise
Strapped to the stars with a flicker sublime
It’s a perfect mess
Black on the inside in a silver disguise
Can the best be blessed
To receive it all as a sacred surprise

When they pull the shells out of all the guns
And the empty shelves can be filled with fun
Then and only then will the children dance
In the empty streets if our best laid plans

Say the clock ran out and the people shout
Give it up run away crash and burn no doubt
But we have ourselves and we have our dreams
And the future stars orbiting upstream

Not the only way to change the course
There’s like a million different buttons on an iron horse
Somehow we gotta open up a new discussion to ask
For all the superheroes hiding in the Welfare Class

To lend their voices to the choices of the governing few
And open up a new horizon for the red white and blue
I never seen a real democracy but heaven is now
Maybe the music leads the way so can you show me how

 - July 2016 -