Lucky Penny

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Four foot eleven with eyes like heaven and a head full of doubt
Sky blue sun dress at a shotgun weddin’ with no way out
Waited on a promise you knew was a lie stopped you dead in your tracks
Made it halfway across the great divide now you can’t go back

You never been that lucky Penny when it comes to men
Swore he’d treat you like the Virgin Mary broke your heart again
Another name that you barely knew in your flat bed Chevy
Even cowgirls get the blues you never been that lucky Penny

Left the altar put the cash in a bag headed straight for the strip
One way ticket to the Fremont drag you and your crimson lips
A big mistake and you won’t forget it where did you go wrong
Lost again but you won’t admit it until the money’s gone

You never been that lucky Penny when you rolled the dice
Bet it all and it cost you plenty more than once or twice
Let it ride on a card or two now you played too many
Gotta’ quit because it’s killing’ you you never been that lucky Penny

So write it down sell the rights to the story all your best regrets
Hit the gutter in a blaze of glory like a cigarette
Everybody thinks you’re the fortunate one with a name like that
You got ‘em all between your finger and your thumb they ain’t seen nothin’ yet

You never been that lucky Penny all the dreams you dreamed
There’s no blue ribbon no confetti nothing in between
Crossed your fingers you could turn it around it was just too heavy
Jump the ship because it’s goin’ down you never been that lucky Penny

 - January 2020 -                                                                                                              #311