Love Me Slow

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 * co-written with Math Harrison *

Sounds of the city
Racing by each day
Louder faster stronger
Than what I have to say

Oh how quick they go
All I want to know
Can you love me slow?

Pieces of a puzzle
Rushing into place
Wonder if the question
Is written on my face

When the cold wind blows
And the lights are low
Can you love me slow?

The feeling I was chasing
Fell between the cracks
Something ‘bout your smile
Always brings me back

Pull me in so close
Like all those years ago
Can you love me slow?

Buildings in the distance
Rising high above
Down here in the shadows
All I’m dreaming of

Out here all alone
Trying to get back home
Can you love me slow?

 - March 2023 -                                                                                                                              #655