Love Is

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Love is a hurricane, it’s a rose
And a snowflake on your nose
It’s a parachute jump from a plane
Coming back to earth again

Love is singing along even though
It’s a song that you don’t know
And the second you begin
To let something lovely in

But now explain to me if you can
‘Cause I sure don’t understand
Why for years we sit and wait
And when it comes we walk away
From everything love is

Love is laughing when you fall
We are human after all
And it’s the will to get back up
On your feet with a little luck

Love is a French press cup of ‘jo
With a cranberry orange scone
And the crossword puzzle clue
That a beautiful stranger gives to you

So why on earth do we refuse
What do we think we stand to lose
No in the end we can’t ignore
That love is everything and more
Yeah that’s what love is

Nobody knows what it takes
A simple spark starts to resonate
I made a promise today
The next time I won’t hesitate

Love is a waterslide at the fair
And your favorite rocking chair
It’s a picnic at the beach
With the perfect summer breeze

Love is a brand new pair of shoes
A dare to go swimming in the nude
Or it’s the feeling in your toes
When you crank the stereo

Now tell me why do we forget
To let it happen and instead
We fill our hearts with question marks
And harm the hope that’s in our heads
Of everything love is

 - July 2017 -