Longest Road You’ll Ever Walk

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* co-written with Chris Wyatt

She swore she would never leave you
But here you are all alone
Nothin’ more than a memory
And no strength to carry on

You moved mountains to have her
Damn near 1500 miles
That all crumbled when she left you
In the middle of the night

After seven years together it finally fell apart
Coulda’ seen it comin’ you weren’t listenin’ at all
It’s a lonely highway from your head to your heart
The longest road you’ll ever walk

If you knew that it was over
Could have kissed her one last time
Begged for one more sunrise
Tried to change her mind

Here you are with all the pieces
Scattered all around the room
Trying hard to find a reason
God I hope you find it soon

Lookin’ back now it’s clear I couldn’t tell
Ain’t no sense to sit here talkin’ to myself
Need to face it I’m losin’ my best friend
And I’d do it all again

 - May-July 2020 -                                                                                                              #355-375