Lie To You

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It’s not the vapor climbing up the sky
That takes my words away
It’s not the heavy hands of father time
Standing in my way

Ain’t trepidation rejection or lament
That shut me down again
No one would have had a clue
But I can’t lie to you

Like copper casings flying through the night
A concrete sheet of tears
Like lawless lovers blurring all the lines
Untamed and cavalier

Like nothing holy like only you alone
No one would ever know
I tried to see it through
But I can’t lie to you

Erase my number discard my photograph
Tell everyone I’m gone
You were the only drug I ever loved
I knew it all along

It’s not the denim on the cedar floor
Wrinkles everywhere
It’s not the leather hanging off the door
Or the moonlight in your hair

Not some big secret no one must ever know
Guess it’s time to let it go
Well I want it to be true
But I can’t lie to you

 - May 2018 -