Lego My Eggo

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Hey lego my eggo unhand my bran
Don’t take my cornflakes I’m serious man
Quit takin’ my bacon and mits off my grits
And discard my pop tarts don’t play with that shit

Don’t risk the biscuit release that sausage and cheese
Better not lick my benedict I’m countin’ to three
Don’t touch my donuts don’t go for my toast
Step away from the pastries don’t test me bro

Lego my eggo

Don’t steal my oatmeal or take my pancakes
Please ditch the eggwich I’ll do whatever it takes
Don’t bogart my yogurt don’t tool with my gruel
Forget my hot pockets I ain’t kidding fool

Lego my eggo

 - October 2022 -                                                                                                                         #592