Knife To A Gun Fight

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Such a heavyweight such a champ in love and war
Faster than ignition while I fumble for the door
When your shadow shows I’m way out of my league
In the dark I can’t define it let’s just say that I’m intrigued

Me and this old switchblade yeah I guess we better not
Try to compete with all that ammo you got
You know I should have known my old Swiss Army smile
Ain’t no kind of match for your Smith and Wesson style

Goodness knows how many men went to the grave
How many times another sinner wasn’t saved
Just because he wanted to know you for a night
Kiss a killer queen like a knife to a gun fight

Barreling toward me molten lead in rapid motion
Empty shells escape the chamber of a beautiful explosion
Like a Band-Aid for a freshly broken heart
Didn’t even see it coming from your buckshot bodyguard

Once upon a time I thought my steel was pretty sharp
Charm good luck and timing had my enemies disarmed
Unbeknownst to me I found temptation in the sights
Violent anti-hero perfect aim just cut the light

 - August 2016 -