Knee Jerk

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We’re living in a mixed up world
There’s never a dull moment
Lots of folks got a couple screws loose
And don’t I know it

We got lovers and fighters, punks and posers
Plus way more jerks than we deserve
But yesterday someone called ME a jerk
Do you believe the nerve…

Who me, jerk?
Couldn’t be, jerk.
Just you wait and see, jerk…
How much of a jerk I can be.

But is this a he jerk,
Or is it a she jerk?
Worse, beware, mon frere:
This one’s a knee jerk.

Now someone told me it’s a compliment
Said somethin’ ‘bout Steve Martin
I just slapped him upside his head
And said, “I beg your pardon”

I may be stupid slow and silly
But ain’t nothin’ wrong with my knees
So before you start telling me what kinda’ jerk
You think I’m supposed to be

 - August 2022 -                                                                                                                          #586