Kick Your Feet Up

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It’s a long way down to the edge of town
We should take our time let the clock unwind baby stick around

Did you ever feel like a dream was real
Never mind the facts baby don’t look back, let your heart be still

And kick your feet up
Yeah, kick your feet up, girl
Well, we don’t have much, but each other’s touch
So kick your feet up

When your hopes and mine maybe cross the line
Take a window seat, try to get some sleep if you’re so inclined

Just a few more miles to the sweet sunshine
We can rest our heads at the water’s edge, all we need is time

To kick your feet up, go ahead
Well kick your feet up, hey why not
Yeah, we’re sinking slow baby just let go
And kick your feet up

After everyone has left the platform
And it’s so quiet you can hear the planes
I’ll be waiting for you on the boardwalk
You know the wonder wheel doesn’t feel the same

Through the open doors to the vinyl floor
Past the empty seats to the one heartbeat you’ve been waiting for

Just an outside chance off a single glance
But the Stillwell lights on a summer night make me wanna’ dance

So kick your feet up and lose those shoes
Kick your feet up, show ‘em how it’s done
Baby don’t ask why just let me see those eyes
And kick your feet up

 - July 2014 -                                                                               #083