Kent Aitken Is A Secret Agent

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(spoken intro)
Yo yo yo turn it up 2021 it’s ya boy JTR comin’ at ya live from Music City Nashvegas Tennesizzle
Just when you thought it was safe, better get ready for your truth vaccination across the nation
Dis one here goes out to Mr. Kent Aitken the story of how we met holla’

(song lyrics)
Everybody knows that Kent’s the man
A world travelin’ bloke with a master plan
He’s got a dog named Kiwi and a banjolele
But that’s not what I came here to say, see?

He doesn’t talk about how he earns the bacon
It’s by being a Canadian secret agent
You now 007? Well he’s 001
The original, pinnacle, second to none

Yeah Kiwi is his partner and dangerous
Deadly cute with that furry butt
Judy Dench is his contact at embassy
You thought she’s just an actor? Hell naw, G

Remember that story in the nightly news
About a pirate ship from Belarus
They was stealin’ all the money from the merchant marines
Who was headed to Japan from the Philippines

But in comes Kent with a glass of scotch
Just raises one brow and says “not on my watch”
And in 24 hours he cleans it up
In a pair of Stacy’s and a brand new tux

Now why I am tellin’ you this whole story?
Full of guns and guts and grace and glory
Because you mighta’ thought I met him through Song A Week
And I wouldn’t wanna’ overlook his great mystique

Plus there’s pirates everywhere some are undercover
As our bankers, our bosses, even friends and brothers
Kent’s the reason that I quit my pirate ways
And became the song writer that I am today

So before you think that you know someone
Imagine all the other things they might have done
Moonlightin’ as Batman in a suit and tie, man
Case in point Kent Aitken on Prince Edward Island

 - March 2021 -                                                                                                                         #448