Kent Aitken Also Saved My Life

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It was dawn but also midnight
And somehow also 3am
I was moments from my last rites
Until I saw a man named Kent

It was Paris and Nova Scotia
And at the same time Annecy
He was sort of like a human Visa
Everywhere you want to be

So where’s the conflict where’s the drama
Where’s the problem you may ask
You see I’d come across a deadly llama
That nearly ended my sorry ass

Why was he angry this crazy mammal
What was his problem his urgent strife
Turns out the llama had just been rankled
By Nik Newark’s drum and fife

The creature charged me with nostrils flaring
I saw my life flash before my eyes
The lights were blinding the music blaring
I thought I just might die tonight

But then around the corner racin’
Came a man with a plan
The one and only Kent Q. Aitken
A banjolele in his hand

He lulled the llama by strummin’ gently
Into a state so calm and soothed
And it got sweeter and downright friendly
Instead of freaked out by their tunes

So while I was once saved by the music
From Nik Newark’s drum and fife
There came a night when in the confusion
Kent Aitken also saved my life

 - February 2021 -                                                                                                                        #437