Kaleidoscope Dreams

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I’ve been dreaming kaleidoscope dreams
Every evening and I don’t know what it means
It’s like memories but they’re things I’ve never seen
Can’t change the channel and I can’t look away

I’ve been waking each morning soaking wet
Filled with pictures too vivid to forget
I keep thinking it’ll pass but it hasn’t yet
And I haven’t told a soul until today

What does it say about my soul
If something’s moving that I cannot control
Been letting go but I still wonder what it means
To dream all these kaleidoscope dreams

So can anybody tell me where’s the line
Are they nightmares or just castles in the sky
Either way I better shutter all the blinds
Make the shadows look so tall

Like the moment Judy Garland can’t ignore
She and Toto aren’t in Kansas anymore
When the world was black and white we could have sworn
Until these colors changed it all

 - February 2022 -                                                                                                                      #550