Just This Side Of The Line

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The day the old man died a couple subtle things changed
A shifting of the tide and gallows down below
No one likes to find a crack in their foundation
Funny how the time wears away the stone

Marty had a knack for playing folks like fiddles
And folks want to be played each one like the last
Before his lips were cold Cole Younger dropped his pistol
No sooner did the notes shatter like a glass

As the second hand continues round the circle
I’m cashing in my chips for something universal
But even if I tried I couldn’t say the reason
Why I seem to stop a little short of freedom
Just this side of the line

I never got to ask Maureen a single question
Now tell me that ain’t proof, not a doubt remains
Someone higher up is guiding our intentions
And I am not a pilot, and this is not a plane

One day I’ll see Joseph out beyond the river
I’ll lay down my burden and he will wash it clean
Finally the answers all will be delivered
Bless the broken promises and borrowed nicotine

 - June 2016 -