Just Like New

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Memory is such a funny thing
When you used to fly but you forgot your wings
You and me are like the final piece
Of a puzzle I could never quite complete

So it’s bittersweet, it’s a shame I guess
That I hurt so bad because of you
But when the pain is gone I know you’ll still possess
The way to heal my heart and we’ll be just like new

Maybe when the sky is extra blue
It’s a warning sign about your point of view
When the clouds are gone it might be smart to find
Another ship to sail until the wind resigns

And now the rain is gone I think I’m supposed to act
Like when the sun came up I got my smile right back
It doesn’t work that way, I’m sure it never has
But can you make it just like new if I politely ask

Confession time, I’m not Superman
I got no special tricks just my own two hands
But when they’re holding yours everything is good
And all I want from you is to be understood

So baby come to me, show me that I’m yours
And take the pain away so I can just adore
The eyes with which you see the man you see in me
Who’s not alone tonight, he’s just like new baby

 - May 2015 -                                                                        #090