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Can the tide itself decide when to ebb and when to flow
Or does someone high and holy hold the rolling undertow
When the water wants your body and the clouds have cut a deal
Make a circle on the ceiling really none of this is real

At the end of every story there’s a door that we can open
With a key we’ve always carried but we thought that it was broken
On a bird comprised of metal moving faster than a prayer
Something happened in an instant to awake the unaware

Even if the crew had shown a swift reaction to the rumble
It was too late to elude the taste of trouble

There was ice across the aisle and a whisper in the wings
Someone asked about the exit as our hopes began to sink
First the wheels were not responding to the buttons at the helm
Then the luggage started dancing and the crew was overwhelmed

Like a tidal wave toward me came a thousand words a minute
And I tried to offer solace but my heart just wasn’t in it
What’s the answer to the riddle or does asking change the game
If we reach our destination we may never be the same

If the captain had been warned the shift might not have been so sudden
But what’s done is done and no one saw it coming

To bear witness is to honor what another hand has carved
After giving up the concept of the outcome we deserve
Should our plans be all but shattered and we barely wash ashore
Drop the rock and listen closely this ain’t Kansas anymore

In the morning we are taller than ourselves when evening falls
When we still don’t see the reason and the mirror can’t recall
I’d be lying if I told you that I never told a lie
But I know it never saved me from the way I felt inside

Thank the heavens all the engines simultaneously stumbled
Opened fire on our pride and made us humble

 - November 2016 -