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Not a single word now can quite identify
The colors and the contrast, the strange magnetic ties
Across an open valley between two human peaks
Whatever’s in the water, it’s exactly what I need Jacqueline

Before we knew what happened, right before our eyes
A blanket soft as summer had wrapped us up inside
The minutes and the hours were dancing through the days
We fell into the feeling of each other’s tight embrace Jacqueline

From ashes we make charcoal to place beauty on a page
Like the lightness in a feather that has never seen a cage
All around the world we travel with our baggage and our plans
Without warning one December the future just began Jacqueline

Had I known that I would find you, I damn well would have looked
So much closer to the coastline, I can’t believe the time it took
But it’s better late than never and it’s not so late I guess
Will you let me be your sunshine? I promise not to make mess Jacqueline

Now it doesn’t mean we’re perfect and it doesn’t mean we’re free
But if you and I are patient we can almost guarantee
Something better than we dreamed of, like we somehow have it all
We don’t choose the ones we fall for, but we can choose how to fall Jacqueline

 - May 2015 -                                                                                #089