It’s A Date

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If you were a cable car I would wait for you
Pick me up and carry me out of all my blues

If you were a freight train I would climb aboard
Take me down the tracks where I’ve never been before

If you were a bicycle I would peddle fast
Way past all the concrete ‘til we find the greener grass

If you were a fishing boat I would jump on in
Anywhere you’re floating beats the places I have been

Tell me which one will you be
So I know what I will see
And when exactly you’ll be passing by

Make it midnight make it noon
I’ll be ready when you do
Hop in and let you take me for a ride

If you’re headed west, well, that’ll work for me
There’s a great big world outside of Tennessee

If you’re going south take me almost anywhere
Keep me in suspense until we get there

If you’re bound for China tell me where to sign
Come on let’s see what we can find

If you’re deep sea diving I’m going down with you
And I got nothing left to lose

Tell me where we’re gonna’ go
Unless you don’t want me to know
A good surprise is always worth the wait

Just tell me what to pack
And say we’re never coming back
Promise that and baby it’s a date

 - April 2019 -                                                                                              #270