I Was Wrong

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I got just three words for you
And I wonder if you can guess the ones I’ll choose
Judging by our history it might not be a mystery
Which string of syllables will do

I love you or dreams come true
Win a bronze or mow the lawn
Hold my hand or I don’t understand
No this song is to tell you I was wrong

So did you see the punchline comin’
Like a verbal hitchhiker thumbin’
Along the highway just prayin’ it won’t go sideways
Before he says a certain somethin’

Return to sender or hey big spender
Dusk ‘til dawn or too far gone
All is well or give ‘em hell
Well this song is just to tell you I was wrong

Don’t look back or no strings attached
Proverbs and psalms bed bath beyond
Life is messy or count your blessings
That’s not this song, all I’m saying is I was wrong

Make me proud or over and out
Drain the swamp or tout la monde
Live laugh love or I’ve had enough
I wrote this song just to tell you I was wrong

 - March 2022 -                                                                                                                              #560