I Want To Live

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My oh my life is good
But that wasn’t always true
Take a beat have a seat
Maybe this one’s meant for you

To the boys who lost hope
And the girls who wonder why
When it goes up in smoke
Douse the flames and dry your eyes

I want to live
Live before I die
Cause I got a lot to give
But I’ve wasted so much time

I want to know
Know my soul is free
Through all the highs and lows
Every part of me
I want to live

Is your luck almost gone
Did my fortune fade to black
Flip this script just hold on
Watch it all come flooding back

Do we find something more
Can I trust I’ll find my way
Just before I slammed the door
Heard a voice inside me say

No guarantees
No promises tonight
Get ready baby
Won’t leave without a fight

Both of us made a mess
And thought the game was through
Thank God we made such
Great mistakes before we knew

 - December 2017 -