I Think I’ll Buy Myself Flowers

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Ain’t no problem with a party of one
Nothin’ stoppin’ me from havin’ some fun
Time for date night got nothin’ to lose
While I’m at it gonna’ kick off these shoes

I’m stayin’ in for a night on the town
Someplace quiet with my kinda’ crowd
Lights just right for makin’ memories
Of a perfect evening with me

Got a hot date with nobody else
Time to pour a little somethin’ top shelf
Settle in at the kitchen counter
It’s the best kept secret after hours
Morning after just to thank myself
I think I’ll buy myself flowers

There’s no taxi there’s no walk of shame
Or next day callin’ rememberin’ names
All my credit cards they’re still in my wallet
Like Kenny said no shirt or shoes no problem

Turn my music up a little bit louder
Sneak past Mittens the four legged bouncer
Pour me one more ain’t nobody countin’
Anyone treat me better than me I doubt it

 - June 2021 -                                                                                                                               #467