I Like You

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I like you, yes I do
From your head to your shoes
You make me lose all my blues
It’s such good news

I like you, who who who
Else could make my heart choose
To be amused by all the screws
That I’ve got loose

What were the chances that happenstance
Would have put us both on that bus
What were the odds of all the broads
That your dear mom helped us become

What I adore, mine and your
Feet entangled every angle
Jingle jangle, fingle fangle
Bingle bangle - these aren’t even words

But I like this, yiss oh yiss
To reminisce how on your lips
I find bliss with just one kiss
Or two, or three … hundred

What timing thought! Five months ago
It really hit me holy smokes
What crazy luck, hey babe let’s hold hands
Do you want to, ‘cuz I sure do

I’m certain I’m the luckiest boy in the world
You read me like a picture book
I can’t believe I get to be your friend
Not to mention I can touch your butt

I mean I’ll always make sure it’s okay
Because maybe sometimes, it’s not okay
I feel like there was a point I was trying to make
Was it something about your eyes?

I like us, yuss yuss yuss
Let’s discuss and make a fuss
For such a plus
We found thus

I like you, I do doo-doo-doo
Do you hope you like me too
Because I view
Me and you as the truth

 - April 2015 -                                                                          #086