How Did I End Up Here

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The moon chose a fine place to hide out this evening
The cab seems to know that you’re thinking of leaving
A change in the wind says get ready to wonder
If one can get over what you have been under

The hallway is leading your steps to the sidewalk
Where everyone knows when you’re just making small talk
It’s perfectly human to miss your old lover
But you know a phone call won’t help you recover

How did I end up here

So keep walking east past the Chinese and Russians
A smile freaks the freaks out don’t think that it doesn’t
A slice and a coffee will help to remind you
What’s rising before you sure beats what’s behind you

There’s only one way to find freedom and justice
Rip into the reins ‘til the wheels are all busted
When what stands between you and that which you’re chasing
Lies deep in the Hudson now ripe for replacing

How did I end up here

To open your heart is to take what you’re getting
With two open hands for the future descending
You can’t hold your breath for the rest of your days here
So let go of your lungs and get ready to stay here

Maybe they’ll hire you to wait on the tables
Or dance for the children or scout for the labels
But for now get some sleep ‘cuz tomorrow means business
And call your old lover and beg for forgiveness

 - May 2014 -                                                                                          #082