Hospital Coffee

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He’s an itchy trigger finger he’s a Sunday drive
He’s a WMD he’s a big surprise
He’s a cat on a hot tin roof he’s the virgin birth
He’s the first one to know and the last man on earth

He’s a V8 with a Hemi he’s a laser guided shark
He’s Babe Ruth without the bottle he knocks it out of the park
He’s drivin’ twice the limit he’s a mushroom cloud
He’s the best way in and the only way back out

He’s a real mother fucker he’s the poster boy
He’s El Niño in three piece he’s the Real McCoy
He’s immune to disappointment he’s unable to stop
He’s allergic to emotion and headed straight for the top

He’s the ring around Uranus he’s the pebble in your shoe
He’s a redeye flight to China he’s tangled up in blue
He’s the Chairman of the Board he’s a renegade cop
He’s flyin’ a 747 while his B2 is in the shop

But he can’t drink hospital coffee
No he can’t drink hospital coffee

 - March 2018 -