Hold That Thought

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 * co-written with Maria Catherine Callahan *

Happened again in the check out line
For a moment you crossed my mind
Like a movie playing in my head
Every word we ever said

Kept the ring and all the letters
Ten years on still can’t forget ‘em
If I’m livin’ in your head too
Let those days come back to you

Hold that thought when you think of me
Hang on tight to the memory
Right or wrong we both moved on
Even if the love ain’t gone

Wish I knew how to turn back time
One more night with your hand in mine
It’s bittersweet but I’m asking please
Hold that thought when you think of me
Hold that thought when you think of me

I still dig out that wedding dress
Put it on and I’m someone else
A girl whose humble heart was yours
She don’t live here anymore

We made plans and said forever
Every minute we spent together
A lifetime later I sure hope you
Remember those days too

Hear our song on the radio
And see your face everywhere I go
So many things that remind me of you
I hold that thought and I hope you do, too

 - November 2018 -                                                                                                               #434