Hold A Candle

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It’s a story for the ages no beginning and no end
Soft and gentle but courageous the blessed bond between best friends
Over trials and tribulations to each other always true
Never saw such grace and patience as the story of these two

Now we all know Eve and Adam burned their bridges with desire
We saw Romeo and Juliet set both their souls on fire
Just like Jerry and Theresa there’s a glow we’re dreaming of
But not another can be said to hold a candle to their love

Oh so many take for granted what so few of us can find
But to really understand it gotta’ leave our fears behind
To a brave new world we’re walking bated breath and open hands
With our fingers interlocking asking just to understand

How it felt for June and Johnny and just how a blaze begins
Or when Tristan and Isolde tried to hide the spark within
Neither Jerry nor Theresa was the first heart to ignite
But none before nor any since can hold a candle to their light

Well then one fine day in autumn surrounded by a faith
That can never be forgotten and will always captivate
It was history in the making from the moment it began
Tender feeling overtaking both this woman and this man

So like Liz and Mr. Darcy lit the fuse on their constraints
And Sid and Nancy torched it all you know not everyone’s a saint
Maybe Jerry and Theresa are just two of many names
But of all the others no two lovers hold a candle to their flame

 - October 2016 -