Hey Elliott

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Hey Elliott how’s your summer goin’
What a weird year 2020 has been
Twists and turns that no one coulda’ known
Feels like tomorrow’s blowin’ in the wind

Hey Elliott on June the 27th
I celebrated 5 years sober
Still got my troubles but I’ve seen a glimpse of heaven
And every day I get a little bit closer

Hey Elliott how’s Murphy and the fam
I hope someday I get to meet ‘em
When the virus leaves and we get back our plans
To chase our dreams of joy and freedom

Hey Elliott I’m sorry if I’m a jerk
I sure didn’t mean to let you down
Writin’ with you was awesome the music and the words
Sound really good the rough draft made me proud

Hey Elliott let’s write another song
I don’t care if anyone cuts it
Just chords and melody and ideas that belong
And half a dozen strings to pluck it

Hey Elliott did you ever try Buffalo Rock
Apparently it’s only sold in Alabama
It’s ginger ale and man it’ll knock off both your socks
Feels like a swig of a nine pound hammer

Hey Elliott thanks for listenin’

 - July 2019 -                                                                                                                                #380