Heavy Smoke From the Home on Granville Road

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He will shatter the bottle to lighten the load
And go talk to the engine in binary code
Hold his breath close his eyes ‘til the glass overflows
Take the stairs to the roof top when the bathtub explodes

It’s midnight in Milwaukee and the rodeo clowns
Just ran out the door with a full case of Crown
There’s a stain on wall and an officer down
And the river is racing to get out of town

Crooked teeth make her smile unforgettable still
Crooked men won the game up on Capitol Hill
Crooked birds fly in circles, they all know the drill
Crooked women won’t float but a wood casket will

If the ones who destroy just as often create
Is she kidding herself when she locks up the gate
To the big concrete house that belongs to the state
Where he’ll fall or he’ll fly, but he’ll learn how to hate

It’s tomorrow in Thailand but yesterday here
Inappropriate sure, but he asked the cashier
If she knows how to make all his thoughts disappear
And then hang out to dry from her dad’s chandelier

Half the men in Las Vegas are under arrest
And the others are fish tailing under duress
The police and the sailors like the bet with the best
But the wrong side of Reno is the heart of the west

 - January 2013 -                                                                   #076