He’s Coming Back For Me

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He’s the kid in the cargo van
He’s the guy with the gun
He’s the man on the rooftop and
He’s the one on the run

He’s the best hope the good guys got
He’s the last one to doubt
He’s the knot in the twisted plot
He’s the only way out

And he’s coming back for me

She’s the devil with bright red lips
She’s the worst of it all
She’s the bitch with a bag of tricks
She’s the crack in the wall

She’s the flames of eternal mire
She’s the basket of worms
She’s the lights of a ship on fire
She’s the shriek of alarms

And she’s coming back for me

She’s the deadest of everyone
He’s the bravest for real
She’s the scorned when the story’s done
He’s the prayers when you kneel

 - October 2016 -